A House for La Cadena de Cristal

The project, a contribution to the Spanish Pavilion of the 2016 Venice Biennial, is based upon the collective appropriation of an interrupted real estate development in L’Enova, a small village of one thousand inhabitants located 55 kilometers south of Valencia. Each of the twelve unfinished houses was assigned to a young architect in the Spanish diaspora (the group takes its name from Bruno Taut´s famous cadre of pen pals) who acted on it with the only constraint of using the same format and graphic ingredients. The new fabric presents itself as a latent reflection of a possible urban model based upon collective difference and multiple opinions, all produced by an abandoned generation of architects.
                  Original Idea and coordination: Rellam. Authors: Andrea Gimeno, Lluís J. Liñán, Josep Vicent Lluch, Quique Bayarri, Sálvora Feliz, Ángel Gallego, Mayte Gómez, Marta Jarabo, José Mato, Beatriz Martínez, Patricia Ocaña, Tomás Pineda, Felipe Reyno, Jesús Vassallo. Photography: Germán Cabo

© Jesús Vassallo, 2020