Small Room / Big Window 

Densifying the Periphery of Munich

The project proposes a strategy for infill development in the areas of Neuperlach and Taufkirchen, in the periphery of Munich. Using a prefabricated modular construction system made of timber, the project develops a catalog of options for housing blocks that then get deployed according to a precise urban strategy. We propose that these neighborhoods can be understood as an unfinished landscape, the product of unresolved tensions between conflicting ideas about planning at the time of their realization in the 1960s. Taking advantage of the versatility of our housing system, we propose to interpret the existing urban fabric and to transform it into a more urban and complete whole by creating configurations where the perimeter of each city block is reinforced. The result of this approach, which is contextual yet based on differentiation, is a combination of more active street corridors and more diverse and better utilized spaces inside each housing estate.

Photography: Nash Baker

© Jesús Vassallo, 2020