Twenty Affordable Homes in Harris County, Texas

The setting is semi-rural, the exurban landscape of low constructions and exuberant vegetation typical of northeast Harris County. The concept is based on the clustering of compact dwellings along a linear road, stretching between a local thoroughfare and a small bayou: groups of four hut-like two-story homes are arranged around a common yard, with these groups being spaced by the insertion of low-slung accessible units. In all cases, the arrangement is geared towards maximizing the privacy of the dwellings, which are carefully tucked into the existing forest vegetation, with their primary living spaces looking away from the road and into the landscape. Flood prevention required the introduction of a massive detention pond in the east end of the property, which is designed to become a public space for the residents and visitors. Along the road, a series of swales are planted with food resistant species serving as a foreground to the houses and contributing to the layered approach of the project.

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